Thai Architect Duangrit Bunnag on Life in Bangkok

Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag’s work is recognizable by strong, simple lines that create a continuity between the outdoors and indoors, such as the resorts Costa Lanta in Krabi and the Naka Phuket.He has recently attracted the admiration of Bangkok’s young, hipster set with the Jam Factory, an artsy outpost that opened its doors in December 2013 and quickly became the go-to meeting spot for creative types of all stripes.

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Storytime with…A Love Spell Witch

You can pay people for everything from walking your dog to cleaning your colon but can you outsource the hard work of personal relationships? Online spell caster Sister Celeste and her sisters in the Roge Magick Coven cast love and sex spells to help you succeed in love and in bed. Want a succubus spirit that will have sex with you while you sleep? Longing to be written into a song or painted into a painting?

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    Laurel Tuohy has lived, worked and written all over the world. A contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Vice Magazine and The Times of India, she has lived in Korea, Japan, India, Mexico and currently lives in Thailand.



Bangkok’s Swing-Dancing Scene Takes Off

Girls in hair kerchiefs and guys in suspenders stand in a circle clapping to the beat of a Count Basie song. A couple bounces through the middle, performing a frenetic Lindy Hop. The woman’s full white skirt flies during swing-outs.The man’s gangster-style brogues 

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A New Crowdfunding Platform Helps Human Trafficking Victims Come Home

Mira* was 14 when she was lured away from her impoverished Indonesian hometown with promises of lucrative restaurant work in nearby Singapore. Instead, she was given false documents that identified her as 19

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